Monday, October 19, 2009

The Beginning..

Well this is my first blog, so we'll see how this whole thing goes..
But it all started with Tyler asking me to hang out on a Saturday in July.. who knew what would become of it? We instantly hit it off and always had great times together!! We'd go to the park, reservoir, canyon, movies, dinner, mall or wherever it sounded most fun. As school rolled around it was hard to let him go, but through technology (a.k.a cell phones) we were able to keep in touch.
Funniest thing though.. Tyler only made it 3 whole days before he had to drive down to see me. I can't say I was too disappointed though.. I missed him already too!
We'll just say that what we had planned on being montly visits soon turned into an every weekend sort of deal, and a phone call every night. What can I say? He's a Cheatham boy.. they are amazing.
To speed up to current time, Tyler proposed to me last night at the temple, (our favorite place) and I said yes! I am so excited to start planning a wedding with him and being apart of the Cheatham family. They are amazing!