Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Due

Well.. it is 4:42 am and for some reason I found my way onto my blog. Tyler and I went out tonight to see a friend who works at Chili's and then we went to see Due Date. One of the funniest movies I have seen in a while! Then we came home and popped in Smallville to which Tyler fell asleep to.

I am sitting here thinking about the point we are at in our lives and find myself pretty satisfied. It's definitely not perfect but I'm excited for the new adventures about to start. Tyler is going to enroll full time this spring in hopes of making his way to the Physician Assistant program at the University of Utah and I will most likely be enrolling in night school at Cameo. We are so excited to get start and find out where we end up!

We have a pretty cute little apartment that I have not decorated yet to my disappointment... I think I'm scared to put something up in fear that I won't like it... or that I'll be tempted to just go buy more things!! We did buy some stuff tonight however so I think I will have to brave it and just go for it. I'll have to post some pictures once I'm done. Hopefully it turns out cute! It won't be too long until I get to decorate for Christmas, which I am definitely looking forward to. However, Tyler and I have a trip to Cancun planned for Thanksgiving which we are SO excited for. It will be our first big trip/holiday so we are counting down the days! I even went and bought a swimsuit for each day... Tyler loves to spoil me and I can't help but give in sometimes:)

Well I've decided it is time for BED. Peace out for now.

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